Rainbow Chiba Association

We are a citizens’ group which was set up in 2016 to realize a society where everyone can live as they are. Our three characteristic points are the below.

1. Various members

Various members

We are composed of various members. For example, their occupation (company employee, professor, lawyer, staff of Non-profit, etc.) and their situation (sexual minority, family of them, friend of them, etc.) are different. We think such difference is our strength.

2. Growth opportunity

Growth opportunity

We organize opportunities for communication to utilize the knowledge and the experience of each member. We learn and improve together.

3. Contribution to society

Contribution to society

We offer information such as what we learn and our idea for social development (realization of a society where everyone can live as they are.).

Our activity

Our activity consists of three parts mainly.

1. Event


We organize seminars and symposiums to learn difficulties of sexual minority and advanced policy and system.

2. Dispatch of instructor

Dispatch of instructor

We dispatch our members as an instructor based on your request. We can share what we learn with you.

3. Policy recommendations

Policy recommendations

We are thinking together to submit policy recommendations which will be useful to realize a society where everyone can live as they are.